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No-Leaks Treatments

The traditional New Products Development strategy – a consumer need exists, and New Product solution is developed. In the case of No-Leak, the opportunity was great, but consumers learned to “live with” the problem.

While U.S. auto mechanics and 10 Minute/Kwik/Jiffy Oil changes benefited from the misinformation and capitalized on the confusion, most performance chemical manufactures and major aftermarket retailers had simply grown blind to the opportunity, But by asking the right questions, and carefully structuring the messaging, the hidden, innovative, consumer new product solution was successfully revealed.

Background and Opportunity

  • Drivers are resigned to the notion that topping off fluids or adding oil is a normal “cost of owning a car”. The “Check Engine” warning light means either:
    “It’s time to top off.”
    “This will cost me real money.”
  • If the warnings trace to low oil or fluids, car owners have historically either added more oil/fluid (without solving the real problem) or have paid for an unnecessary expensive repair. The leaks now represent an enormous collective consumer blind spot. (As recently as July, 2013) even Consumer Reports described motor oil vanishing from new test cars. And they remained baffled, blaming the new synthetic motor oil.
  • Very few car owners realize that the engine oil does not “burn off”, nor do the fluids, or even the radiator coolant, “simply disappear”.
  • Instead their car almost always has a slow fluid leak. In fact at any given time, more than 50 million vehicles in the U.S. have oil, fluid and/or coolant leaks.
  • And the leaking fluids almost always seep through the rubberized connecting seals and gaskets, NOT a major crack or hole in the expensive solid engine parts themselves.

New Product Solution:
No-Leak Treatments

  • By industry convention, fluids are color coded by function and engine part.
  • Fluid leak sources can easily be determined by color.
  • No-Leak treatments swell and condition the dry, worn seals and gaskets.
  • Stops leaks, easy to use.
  • Rather than looking in their wallets, drivers should look underneath their vehicles. Consumers can save hundreds of dollars in unnecessary repair bills.


  • Most successful new product introduction in Gold Eagle company history.
  • Diversified and expanded the Branded product portfolio beyond fuel additives, and was supported by Gold Eagle’s first bi-lingual marketing effort.
  • Increased distribution in the U.S. and Canadian mass merchants, while simultaneously achieving a strong Brand and corporate distribution presence in automotive parts retailers.