Our Work – Strategic Solutions

A New Business Model

The Strategic Challenge

Child Care Referral Service

In FY 2020, the major not-for-profit agency provided:

  • Child care referral information for more than 1,000 families;
  • Processed financial assistance for more than 4,000 families, and;
  • Supported the professional development of more than 1,400 early childhood professionals.

Their client interactions were “high touch” and often face-to-face.

But their current operating model was not sustainable; they needed to change to succeed in an environment with dramatically different operating realities.

  • More American families sought child care assistance than ever before,
  • But funding is at a 12-year low -thousands of families are being denied the support they deserve.
  • Peer organizations are actively bidding for their “colleagues” contracts.

The Solution

Help lead a national trend toward Regional consolidation. The winning Agencies would uniformly be:

  • Able to improve services on defined accountability standards;
  • Technologically savvy – comfortable with a centralized parent referral system that allows more families to be served more efficiently;
  • Data driven;
  • Receptive to innovation.

The Result

A reinvigorated not-for-profit, welcoming technology as the new key to success in a world of limited resources. The Agency’s Mission Statement: To be the most innovative facilitator of high quality, affordable child care and early education.

Emphasized online contact and service – completely appropriate for a 21st century Agency, and – incredibly prescient given the Covid-19 crisis in 2020.