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For Dummies Automotive – The power of licensing

Like computers and software, basic automotive maintenance can be intimidating.
And auto parts stores carry an overwhelming number of brands. Many of these products make outlandish, meaningless or unsubstantiated performance claims. Honest products making legitimate promises exist, but are nearly impossible to distinguish from the “snake oil.”

Consumers are understandably frustrated and distrustful. A proven, trustworthy Brand name would break through the shelf clutter and provide important reassurance to an uncertain consumer.

Industry Background and Opportunity

  • Nearly every state in the U.S. now requires Emissions Tests for automotive registration.
  • There are over 250 million cars and light trucks on America’s roads, and the average age of those vehicles is more than 11 years old.
  • The automobile performance chemical/fuel additive market has enormous growth potential, but car parts stores remain intimidating, and confusing environments.
  • Many cars could pass the emissions test with help from a legitimate fuel system cleaner, but too many additives in stores are “snake oil”.

New Products Solution

  • “Inbound licensing” allows a manufacturer to borrow Brand equity and Brand power.
  • The For Dummies Brand began in computers, and remains synonymous with simple solutions to intimidating complex problems.
  • License the For Dummies Brand name and introduce the first For Dummies products in the automotive category.
  • Repackage an existing “fuel system cleaning” formula as a trusted solutions “for the rest of us”, Emissions Test passing For Dummies.


  • Significant Increases in distribution, including “first-time ever” new distribution in non-traditional automotive retailers.
  • AAPEX 2005 New Product Showcase winner.